The Haitian Compas Festival announces its official Hall of Fame and Living Legend Honorees

“Getting to our 20th show has not been an easy task and having a Haitian event last 20 years is also not easy. To be honest the HMI could not be where it is today without the help of all of our honorees, they deserve this recognition,” explains Rodney Noel, Co-Founder of the Haitian Compas Festival.

On Thursday, May 17, 2018 at a private, Opening Ceremony for the 20th Edition of the Haitian Compas Festival, the following 20 names will be inducted into the Haitian Compas Festival Hall of Fame:

Andre Pierre, Dr. Rudy Moise, Gypsie Metellus, Jacqueline Charles, Patrick Moussignac, Commissioner Jean Monestime, Island TV Bobby & Tamara Philippeaux, Dr. Larry Pierre, Ed Lozama, Jean Raymond Leconte, Arly Lariviere, Jessie Alkhal, Fritz Hyacinthe, Guy Wewe, Carel Pedre, Richard Urbain, Frantz Duval, Nickenson Prudhomme, Michel Martelly and Ricardo SaintCyr.

Twenty names representing twenty years of distinction and hard-work.

The Living Legend Award will also be presented to a handful of musicians who have paved the path for generations of musicians throughout their career. Their musical flair has changed the face of Haitian music and has elevated our culture in an amazing way.

“Without our Living Legends, Compas would not be where it is today. We wanted to honor these phenomenal musicians now so that they know that they are appreciated,” says Jean Michel Cerenord, Co-Founder of the Haitian Compas Festival.

At the same Opening Ceremony, the following names will receive the Haitian Compas Festival Living Legend Award:

Tabou Combo, Orchestre Septentrional, Adolphe Chancy, Fred Paul, Cubano, Robert Charlot, Keke Belizaire, Fabrice Rouzier and Robert Martino.